Hi-Tec HTS RGS FIZO | 36


HI-TEC RGS Fizo, sportief en fashionable tegelijk. Met een mooie kleurencombinatie van lichtblauw, staal grijs en katoen. Een sterk staaltje van HTS74 als je het ons vraagt.

Conditie: als nieuw (en natuurlijk gedesinfecteerd).

1 op voorraad

The different stories of our kicks

We collect deadstocks, returns and imperfect kicks in order to reduce waste. All our sneakers are cleaned, refurbished and sanitised by hand.

Read the different stories of our kicks.

Kicks with a dream

They missed their time to shine the first time around, left on the shelf or stuck in the stockroom. But they’ve been refreshed and are ready to go on new adventures with you.

Kicks with a history

These kicks are in almost perfect condition. They already had a sneak preview of life outside the box, but are yearning to go and explore the world on your feet.

Kicks with an attitude

These kicks are brand new. Maybe not perfect, but hey, who is! There’s also beauty in imperfection. Agree? Get your imperfect kicks and have a perfect life together.