Sustainable as can be

We don’t say we are 100% circular or sustainable, but we strive to be as much as we can. Like any transformation it is all about willing to take the first step. Even a small thing, does something.

How sustainable is refurbkicks?

We use recycled packaging or we re-use the original ones, our customer shipments are mainly done with bicycles from Fietskoeriers and we only use biodegradable cleaning products to refurb or clean the kicks. From sustainable perspective we choose not to deliver in foreign countries but The Netherlands and Belgium.


We re-use the boxes from the kicks we collect, so we don’t have to produce new ones. When a box doesn’t meet our high requirements, we will use boxes made from recycled cardboard. When you’ll receive your package, you’ll be surprised about the little extra you’ll receive. Yes, this is made from organic cotton and can be used to take better care of your kicks.


We proudly cooperate with a logistic partner with a national coverage in The Netherlands: They transport our packages as much as can by bike. This is a green way to reduce (to 60%) our carbon footprint. If an address can’t be reached by bike, the package will be added to an existing ride from another logistic partner, so this will not result in extra carbon emissions.

Biodegradable cleaning products

We are very excited about our collaboration with Sneaker Lab. Their advanced environmentally friendly products promise to take care of your kicks. Sneaker Lab is officially Green Tag certified, one of the world’s most robust, trusted and widely recognized ecolabels. It’s 100% biodegradable solutions and recyclable packaging haven been independently tested and Green Tag certified.

Only the Benelux
(for now)

Of course, we want everyone in the world to join our movement. We also want to be trustworthy. We want to make our carbon footprint as small as can be. Because Refurbkicks is started in the Benelux, we will only send our kicks to addresses in the Benelux. In the near future we will be available in other European countries and we will operate from there. This also helps to support local and national businesses and employment.

We aren’t flawless

No, everyone who claims he is, is lying. We aren’t 100% sustainable and we still can improve a lot. We believe that even a small thing does something. Every day we challenge ourselves, our partners and customers to do better. To do better for our earth, for our customers, for our employees and for our kicks. /

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