‘Circularity on a roll. How logistics meets the circular world.’

What will be a common business model for both worlds? How should we smarter the ‘return logistics’? Without a good organized return supply chain, a circular economy isn’t possible. With scientists of Het Groen Brein and entrepreneurs from the field these questions will be explored during an online circular event on the 31ste of August. […]

‘Tour de Ville, our sustainable logistic partner.’

Tour de Ville (TDV) helps organizations like us distributing products to consumers without polluted courier vans. TDV acts from passion for sport and environment. Therefore, TDV uses electric trikes, cargo bikes, bike trailers and water-resistant backpacks to transport our kicks through the big cities in the south of The Netherlands. The other places are being […]

‘Sneaker LAB & Refurbkicks combine sustainable forces’

Like no other at Sneaker LAB they understand the power of a fresh pair of sneakers. took our passion for sneaker culture and matched it with science, creating a natural cleaning solution, that works. Shian Kraak, CEO of Sneaker LAB: ‘We take inspiration from minimalist street-culture and those that create it. We are proud to […]

‘Refurbkicks welcomes Nubikk as first brand partner’

Nubikk Elise Bloom dames sneakers

‘Yes, let’s do this.’, Nubikk, enthusiastic responded when refurbkicks asked them to be a sustainable brand partner. The collaboration with refurbkicks fits in the sustainable strategy of Nubikk. At Nubikk they believe in sustainability and their responsibilities as a company for the environment and society. At Nubikk they aim for corporate transparency, close relationships with […]