“We are the first generation to feel the impact of the climate change. We are the last generation that can do something about it.”

– Barack Obama.

We want future generations to continue to experience the beauty of our planet. We believe we can make a difference by making your busi­ness more sustainable. In short: we want kicks to keep out of landfill. We activate the potential value of deadstock, returned and cosmetic imperfect kicks. We collect, select, refurb & clean them, offering exclusive and affordable kicks via refurbkicks.com. We must work together to make our industry more sustainable. We believe you can look good, feel good and do good at the same time. That’s why we only want to work with exclusive brands and sneaker stores.

Look good, feel good, do good.


  1. We collect deadstock, returned and cosmetic failure kicks from your warehouse and bring them to ours.
  2. We refurbish (when needed) & clean all kicks by hand and make them look awesome.
  3. We sort and price them by condition, put them on camera and upload to refurbkick.com. We make sure the brand or store are visible on either homepage or product page.
  4. With our ‘Storytimes’ we tell the whole world about our refurbished kicks on our socials. We highlight brands and stores by telling their sustainable story and show their refurbished shoes.
  5. After purchase the package will be sent to the buyer with a Trusted Shops Guarantee by bicycle courier (if available).
  6. By using ShoeSize.Me we help customers to order the right size, first time, which contributes to less carbon emissions by avoiding return and repeat transportation.
  7. Once a pair is sold, you will receive your profit share and we’ll be back for a new round of kicks.

Be part of our common sustainable solution to do good. For our environment, future generations, your business and  – of course – your kicks.

The different stories of our kicks

Kicks with a dream

They missed their time to shine the first time around, left on the shelf or stuck in the stockroom. But they’ve been refreshed and are ready to go on new adventures with you.

Kicks with a history

These kicks are in almost perfect condition. They already had a sneak preview of life outside the box, but are yearning to go and explore the world on your feet.

Kicks with an attitude

These kicks are brand new. Maybe not perfect, but hey, who is! There’s also beauty in imperfection. Agree? Get your imperfect kicks and have a perfect life together.

Why choose refurbkicks

Exclusive brands and stores

We are proud to collaborate with many exclusive sneaker stores and high-quality brands. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations with stylish, luxury kicks at an affordable price.

Some love

Only by true collaboration with our partners we can make our busines more sustainable. Gio Hellings, Owner of sneaker and fashion store Reissue in Tilburg, says: “Refurbkicks opened my eyes to seeing how much waste we create and what to do about that. With their help I can be part of a sustainable solution for the sneaker industry. I want to leave the world a better place for my kids. Isn’t that what it’s all about?”

Be part of a sustainable solution

Only by working together we can make our business more sustainable. And we believe you can look good, feel good and do good at the same time.  That’s why we want to work with exclusive sneaker business owners and exclusive brands. Let’s collaborate online and offline and do good business together. Join the club!