‘Yes, let’s do this.’, Nubikk, enthusiastic responded when refurbkicks asked them to be a sustainable brand partner.

The collaboration with refurbkicks fits in the sustainable strategy of Nubikk. At Nubikk they believe in sustainability and their responsibilities as a company for the environment and society. At Nubikk they aim for corporate transparency, close relationships with their partners, and trying to minimize the footprint. The sustainable way is an ongoing process and that there is always room for improvement.

Nevertheless, Nubikk made some huge steps in the right direction. Along with the 100% recyclable shoebox Nubikk wants to be 100% plastic-free. Currently, Nubikk is busy implementing plastic-free deliveries also for our wholesale customers.  Nubikk provides sizing advice in its webshop to reduce orders with multiple sizes and returns based on wrong shoe size.

Jean-Paul Tremio, co-founder refurbkicks: ‘I am very excited about Nubikk being part of our sustainable movement in the sneaker business. It’s such a great recognition of such great exclusive brand. It shows great leadership to take a step to be our first brand partner. I believe Nubikk will inspire other cool brands to do the same.’

About Nubikk

Nubikk is one of the leading sneaker brands in The Netherlands. With their HQ in the ‘shoe-city of The Netherlands, Waalwijk, Nubikk operates worldwide and even has its own flagship store in Amsterdam. A shoe brand at first but with all this experience in leather craftsmanship and producing qualitative products, it was a small step to a collection of small leather handbags, accessories, and clothing. At Nubikk a great fit is everything. So in late 2019, a line of t-shirts and sweaters dropped in the most comfortable and heavy organic cotton you expect from Nubikk.

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